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Hello there!

I'm Mayur Bhoi. I'm a designer, software tinkerer, and a Full Stack Developer by profession. I have a passion for writing intricately designed software that is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

I have been into writing software for almost five years. I started with App Developement writing and publishing several mobile apps during 2017–2021. Around 2021, I started getting into Server Engineering while designing and maintaining servers for my hobby projects.

Currently, I work on end-to-end full stack applications; leverage both of my hobbies to design beautiful user interfaces and writing robust backend systems. I also actively look for new and exciting technologies to explore and learn.

I currently write reliable software at NCR Corporation as Software Engineer I. I also have quite a few hobby projects that you can take a look at here.


These are the places I have worked for in the past recently. Checkout my LinkedIn for more.

SWE I - Digital Banking

July 2022 - Present

SWE Intern - Full Stack

Feb 2022 - June 2022

Lead Developer - App Platform

August 2019 - May 2021