Me in life jacket in a small dinghy at Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu; on a vacation.
Mayur Bhoi

Full Stack Developer

Writing impactful & elegant software. Relentlessly devoted to intricacy, efficiency, and detailed polish. Unsatisfiably curious about magical design and high performance systems.

Based in Bengaluru, India, I have been working as Software Engineer II for NCR.



A Chrome extension to disable Tweet View counts across the platform

Twitter Nuke

Tool to delete all user tweets using Twitter Archive to bypass rate limits

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About Locks and Encryption

Should we really have government mandated backdoors?

AI & My Existential Crisis

Generative AI is also generating anxiety

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Figuring out how to be the best in the room, trying to improve by iterating and perfecting my craft every day—all while keeping in mind the highest quality of work.




The culmination of these three skills is what I strive for in my work and, in my opinion, set me apart from the rest of the crowd.

I like to ship fast. I love solving problems and building things. I am obsessed with servers, design, performance, typography, and software that makes an impact. I learn new things every day to enable me to do what I do better. The web is a blank canvas I have only started to paint.


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